About Us

Zendsoft IT system is a privately held company owned by qualified and experienced entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010, within very short span of time we have achieved a leading position in the region through our sincer efforts, hard work and complete dedication.

The company is involved in the development of state of the art Websites, Windows Applications, Hardware and Networking, IT, and So on & Web solutions which are robust, scalable & secure.

Our team is a right blend of management, technical and administrative personnel supported by the most competitive and advanced IT and communications infrastructure. Our extensive communication facilities allow us to be in service 24x7. We have set reputation of our organization as an outstanding and most reliable service provider, with reasonable compensation.

We are a customer-focused company. We firmly believe that working as partners with our customers is the best way to stay in tune with their specific needs. As we continue to grow, our customers will always be the primary focus of our organization.

Our Skills

  • HTML/CSS 70%

  • Logo Design 80%

  • php 90%

  • Photoshop 90%

  • .net 75%

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